COVID-19 – Response by the turkey industry

A message from Turkey Farmers of Canada’s Chair 


Across Canada, over 530 turkey farmers work together to produce a supply of turkey and turkey products year round. The COVID-19 pandemic is concerning for consumers and farmers alike, and all participants throughout the supply chain. It raises concerns around food safety and security. Now more than ever, the supply and availability of turkey for Canadians is of the upmost importance to our farmers.

Farmers across Canada are still working hard to raise turkey for consumers, while meeting a high standard of food safety and animal welfare, as guided by the TFC On-Farms programs. This means that Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) is working closely with the processing sector, industry stakeholders and government to maintain the supply chain, and implement measures for human health.

The TFC staff and board of directors are working remotely to meet the unique challenges faced during this pandemic, and to keep a consistent supply of turkey available to Canadians.

Provincially, turkey boards are in regular communication with farmers on COVID-19 guidelines, and on animal welfare and food safety standards. To meet public health authority’s recommendations, farmers are limiting human-to-human contact to prevent transmission of the virus. This includes, but is not limited to, cancelling non-urgent farm visits and social distancing from veterinarians, delivery drivers and other essential service providers. TFC is communicating with provincial boards to identify where farmers need support during this pandemic.

At this difficult time, turkey farmers remain committed, together with our industry partners, to bringing safe, high quality turkey products to consumers across Canada.



Darren Ference
Chair, Turkey Farmers of Canada



TFC encourages farmers and consumers to regularly check Government and Canada, and public health guidelines in relation to COVID-19.  Below is a list of resources and updates that are of importance to the turkey industry. This list will be updates as further relevant updates are available.


Guidelines for the Canadian poultry and egg industries in response to COVID 19


Government resources on COVID-19


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