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Turkey Farmers of Canada has a long history of supporting and investing in research and development related to turkey farming, poultry science, food safety and quality, and production sustainability.

Our members are proud to have built and grown these investments over the years in order to keep pace with changes on-farm and in the marketplace, maintain consumer expectations, and provide a high-quality and healthy product to Canadians.

TFC has a formal Research Strategy, which lays out a program specific to the Canadian turkey industry. A primary goal of the Strategy is to ensure that the industry remains sustainable, profitable, and able to meet changing market and consumer requirements, through the fostering of increased turkey research at Canadian poultry research facilities. The Strategy also defines a number of clear research priorities for turkey research in Canada. These include: bird health and welfare, food safety and quality, production sustainability, and new product development.

The TFC Research Strategy is complimentary to, and partially the result of, work and support from the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC). The CPRC is an industry-led organization that focuses on the coordination and enhancement of Canadian poultry research; securing additional and matching funding for research projects, and; facilitating the establishment of national poultry research priorities. TFC is a founding member of the CPRC, along with other members of the national poultry industry.

In 2012, CPRC released a National Research Strategy for Canada’s Poultry Sector, which aims to enhance the long-term viability of the Canadian Poultry Value Chain by supporting a profitable and sustainable industry through research. To date, CPRC has allocated approximately $2.8 million to foster poultry research, and these funds have been leveraged to over $13.1 million.

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