Food Safety

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 Food Safety

Canadian standards for food safety and biosecurity are among the highest in the world and the Canadian turkey industry has implemented specific, science-based measures to ensure our farms are on the leading edge of production with respect to food safety and quality.

Turkey Farmers of Canada’s On-Farm Food Safety Program© (OFFSP) is a national program that details specific steps and biosecurity protocols to reduce and control potential food-safety hazards on Canadian turkey farms and turkey breeder operations. The Program requires detailed on-farm record-keeping and documentation to demonstrate compliance, and farmers are audited on an annual basis.

With the TFC OFFSP© in place, the Canadian turkey industry is able to demonstrate national consistency in terms of food safety standards and provide assurance to consumers that Canadian turkey products are of the highest quality and safety.

The Program has passed technical review by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), indicating that it is based on sound science and meets all Canadian regulatory requirements.

To learn more about TFC’s On-Farm Food Safety Program©, including program management, on-farm audits and specific farm management practices, read Our Responsibility, Our Commitment: A guide to the Turkey Farmers of Canada’s On-Farm Food Safety & Flock Care Programs, or download the complete TFC On-Farm Programs Manual.

Note that both programs are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and updated as necessary, to ensure program requirements are in line with the most current science and best on-farm production practices.

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Our Responsibility, Our Commitment

A guide to the Turkey Farmers of Canada’s On-Farm Food Safety & Flock Care Programs.

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Our Responsibility, Our Commitment